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At Botanical Beach You can take the Botony Bay trail down to the water from the parking lot - this is where the big waves are.  It is less than a kilometer through the impressive rainforest which leads up to this rugged coast line. The walk itself is rather beautiful and you could spend an afternoon rummaging through the ferns and moss in this phenomenal rain forest.   One of the best places on the beach is near the Bonsai Tree where many photos and videos of West Coast storms are taken.

Regardless of how you prefer to watch storms they are captivating. West coast storms provide some great viewing of monster waves, powerful undertows, crashing surf, bubbling white water and fast moving driftwood logs.   You can watch the storms come down the bay while sitting on your patio at The Whale's Tale.

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December 2015

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December 2015 the beach in front of The Whale's Tale

Storm watching is most popular on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The west coast is exposed to the winds and waves of the biggest storms coming in off the Pacific Ocean.

Storm watching season extends from November to March. During the storm watching season there are usually 10-15 good storms each month. It is during this season that rain often arrives horizontally.

In Port Renfrew we have some of the best storm watching in the world.  If you haven’t been to Botanical Beach in Port Renfrew it is an amazing place, rain or shine.   When the tide is low you can see exposed tide pools that are teeming with sea life.  In the winter months, Botanical Beach is a place you can witness sheer force and beauty. Powerful waves pounding the coastline.  You may see 3-4 minutes of nice 10+ foot breakers, which are awesome, but then you will see a set of waves off the chart. Waves that you can see coming, watching the swell get bigger and bigger. The intensity builds up along with your anticipation and then they come crashing down. The sound of the crashing waves is amazing. The spray and waves crash as high as 40-60 feet in the air as they pound down on the rocks.